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Essa entrevista foi originalmente publicada no GenderIT em inglês, e também ficará disponível em espanhol no mesmo site.

Eu tive o prazer de entrevistar a Bárbara Paes, uma jovem feminista que trabalha na intersecção de tecnologia e justiça social, co-fundadora do Minas Programam, um coletivo de São Paulo liderado por jovens feministas racializadas e que ensina programação, além de outras habilidades para esse mesmo público. Ela também trabalha no The Engine Room. Faz muitos anos que nós conhecemos em um encontro da Internet Feminista da APC na Málasia, mas tivemos muitas conversas ao longo dos anos sobre recursos e financiamento…

The coronavirus pandemic exposed the sham of the ‘model minority’ myth

A photo of the back of a young Asian woman walking through a local market street in Hong Kong.
Photo: d3sign/Getty Images

The “model minority” myth that supposedly privileges Asians in the United States compared to other social and ethnic minorities has been exposed for what it is: a sham of thinly veiled tolerance that fell apart at the hint of a threat. The coronavirus pandemic has effectively revealed what Asian Americans have always inherently known: We are the “other.”

I am from a country that considers the coronavirus Chinese — a country that I do not currently live in nor identify with enough to return.

My story of how I came to the United States starts with my parents. My mom…

Wilfred Chan. The far left option is ironic; you probably have interacted with the outside world in the past 14 days.

Some solutions to new pandemics are old ones.

The information from the World Health Organization and other health bureaus, such as the Center for Disease Control in the United States, has recommended against wearing masks in community settings because of lack of evidence.

Unlikely to contradict official health recommendations, journalists have ignored face masks as one of the successful lessons from past outbreaks in their reporting, and in different articles, questioned why people who were wearing face masks disregarded advice from authorities.

Others have now questioned the real motive of the official recommendations for face masks in community settings. Authorities…

Ani Hao

Feminist journalist, editor, media consultant and DJ. Founder of Agora Juntas (Rio de Janeiro), currently based in Hong Kong.

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